Paz It On!
A 3D Adventure Platformer
Koshka's Kofe
A 2D visual novel about making coffee, small business, and estranged family
Arigatou, Ningen-san!
A 2D visual novel about cute aggression
The Clinic (VR)
A personal VR game that experiments with soft body interactions
I Expect You to Die
A new level from the VR classic by Schell Games
The Art of the Walk
An animated documentary about performance artist, Bill Shannon
Google Cloud Space
A two-story installation with interactive characters
Be Internet Awesome
Google Interland's arcade exhibit for internet safety
Magic Bench
Disney Research's mixed reality bench for character interactions
Legends of the Hidden Temple (VR)
A Samsung VR game to promote Nickelodeon's live action movie
Battle Zoodoku
A two-player game and Sudoku mod
A Disney Research project that gives mobile tangible interactions
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