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2019 Reel Breakdown


00:02 "The Art of Weightlessness", Animated Documentary by Moshe Mahler
I was responsible for creating a mocap-ready rig for a model based on performance artist Bill Shannon. The skin weights and corrective blendshapes were tested on mocap data. I also rigged the crutches and skateboard. Because the mocap data was captured before the rig was created, I added custom settings to adjust mocap influence on the animation from imported skeletal data.


00:30 Google Cloud Space Characters
As a creative technologist at Deeplocal, I was responsible for modeling and rigging 5 characters for an indoor, building-scale interactive experience at Google Cloud Space, California. I worked with two other animators, Mark Strelow and Janine Recio to create idle, greeting, walk, and jump animations. I also exported the animations as glTF and integrated them into the experience using Three.js.


00:47 "I Expect You to Die", VR Title by Schell Games
As a 3D art fellow at Schell Games, I was responsible for modeling, texturing, and animating various interactable and environmental assets in the last two levels of the game. Shown in this video are the control panel, the gloves, the monitor UI, the crystal, the security camera, and the space helmet that I was responsible for. I also helped model and UV much of the space station exterior.

01:10 "The Clinic", A Personal VR Project
Responsible for all aspects, including a Unity C# script that generates chains for skinned meshes for soft body interactions. This project was a fun, challenging exploration into the implementation of soft bodies for VR. In the game, I tried blendshape deformations, cloth simulation, and joint physics to achieve different effects. The large intestine in the video demonstrates my joint chain implementation.

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